Help elect Democratic candidates!  Promote Democratic programs and policies!

For additional information, feel free to contact us through our email link

or contact any KAD Board member.

Volunteers Needed 

for phone banking


Make phone calls from home! The training is easy!

KAD members will be phone banking this fall through Election Day to help individual candidates and the Democratic Party's Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) effort. We may even enter into a friendly competition with other clubs. You have a choice of doing this activity on your personal schedule or by joining others in group phone banks at regularly scheduled times. Stay tuned for more information here and on KAD's Facebook page. 

Kingwood Area Democrats Club

Membership: Chair Melissa Smith

  • Scheduling and executing membership drives

  • Maintaining membership records

  • Encouraging members to renew and pay their dues

  • Recruiting new KAD members

  • Orientation of new members

  • Following up with potential members (visitors, guests, etc.)

Community Outreach: Vacant position

  • Creating and executing events that promote KAD and KAD objectives

  • Participating as a KAD representative at local events

  • Building relationships with community leaders, influencers and key demographic groups

  • Arranging for guest speakers 


Communications: Co-Chairs Jane Leckey and Elizabeth Stern

  • Communicating with our membership

  • Communicating with the public through media, social media, advertising 

  • Creating content for websites and other media

  • Maintaining the KAD website

  • Submitting content for publication

  • Creating and executing a Democratic social media push campaign

  • Recruiting professionals from the club to assist with legal/media issues 


Voter Registration & Education: Chair Barbara Madera

  • Scheduling and executing voter registration events

  • Scheduling and executing voter registration training events

  • Providing voting education and information (elections, candidates, issues, ballot-by-mail, GOTV) to membership and public via social media, emails, our website and phone banking.

  • Providing information on becoming an election worker

Fundraising: Chair Robin Pearce

  • Creating and executing fundraising objectives and events

  • Coordinating with vendors to design new products

  • Obtaining and selling Democratic promotional items (including t-shirts, signs, hats, etc.)