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March 21 @ 4:30 on Zoom 
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Join us for this KAD special event and fundraiser! Houston chef, Monica Pope, will teach us how to make some of her signature appetizers. Monica is a James Beard Award nominee and appeared as a contestant on Bravo's Top Chef Masters program.

Donations will go to I'll Have What She's Having, a Houston nonprofit that Monica co-founded to raise funds and awareness for women's health issues, especially for women working in Houston's restaurant and hospitality industry. 


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March 10 @ 7 p.m.

The KAD Book Club will meet again on March 10 to discuss the final segment of Barack Obama's new book, A Promised Land, chapters 20 through 27.

For more information or to sign up, please email us here.  We are using the Zoom app for meetings until further notice.


by Jane Leckey, KAD VP

April 7 @ 7 p.m.
Social 6:30-7 p.m.

We are using Zoom until further notice. 



Will Mike Run For Office?

Mike Collier is keeping us in suspense a little longer. He's considering a run for office again in 2022 but has not declared his final intention. 

In 2018, Mike ran an aggressive  campaign against Dan Patrick for Texas lieutenant governor, but Texas wasn't quite ready to turn blue. Will 2022 be the year?

Mike was our guest speaker at the March 3 KAD Membership Meeting, where he shared his outrage over the latest follies of the Abbott government: the rescinding of the COVID mask mandate and the lack of leadership in the chaos of power outages during the February winter storm. 

As a longtime Kingwood resident and KAD member, Mike is a familiar face. We know he's a smart and impressive candidate. In 2018, he received endorsements from around the state, including many like the following:

“Unlike incumbent Dan Patrick, Collier, 57, is a facts-and-figures guy who deep-dives into complex policy in ways that command the respect of intelligent voters, regardless of party inclination.”

Mike earned an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, and he's had a career that includes being an auditor and, later, partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the world's largest accounting firms. In addition, he helped establish a successful oil company and served as its chief financial officer. 

To keep up with Mike, his public statements, and, possibly, his announcement to run for political office, be sure to watch his Facebook page and his Twitter account.

Resign, Senator Cruz!

Advice from the Houston Chronicle

Texas is a mess right now. Even as millions saw their power restored, others now face burst pipes, boil water notices, long lines for food, and warnings this may not be over. It's a catastrophe for struggling Texas families already on the brink amid a global pandemic, so we don’t begrudge anybody their “wanna get away” fantasies.


But a man elected to represent nearly 30 million people?


While it’s not Ted Cruz’s job to shovel the coal, and the power crisis is the handiwork of state officials, not federal, we expect leadership and perhaps a little solidarity from our junior senator, not half-hearted apologies over his ill-advised trip to sunny Cancun.


Cruz initially released a statement saying his daughters had asked to go on a trip to Mexico with friends since school was canceled for the week and he had merely accompanied them on their flight and was coming right back.

That excuse fell apart when The New York Times reported it had obtained texts that Cruz’s wife Heidi sent to friends on Wednesday, lamenting a “FREEZING” house and inviting them to join the Cruzes at the oceanfront Ritz-Carlton at $309 per night, coming back Sunday.

This editorial board called for Cruz’s resignation last month for his role in the Capitol riot, saying he wouldn’t be dearly missed by constituents anyway because he has never prioritized the unsexy tedium of governing and advocacy over the goal nearest and dearest to his heart: winning the presidency.

But escaping to Mexico hits a new low — even by the senator’s own standards.

Cruz’s trip to Mexico was foolish, callous and sadly telling of his approach to the job over the past eight years.

He should take our advice and resign. It looks like he could use a break and we could, too, from an ineffective politician who, even in crisis, puts his personal itinerary before the needs of Texans.

 Houston Chronicle Editorial Board

February 19, 2021



February Members' Meeting

Visit the Jaworski For Texas website

to read more about Joe's campaign. 

Joe Jaworski has a plan: first, unseat TX Attorney General Ken Paxton; second, introduce a more progressive legal agenda for Texas. He was our guest at the February KAD Members' Meeting.

Jaworski outlined a plan that includes an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to bring tax dollars home to Texans, legalization of recreational cannabis to allow a greater focus on jailing violent criminals, and greater support of local government officials to innovate. He cites the current State administration's attempts to suppress voter turnout last fall while local officials were working to give voters an option to vote by mail during a pandemic. 

As the first Democrat to declare his 2022 candidacy for Texas AG, he may yet be challenged in a primary. In the meantime, Jaworski is doing his best to confront Ken Paxton on the current AG's political record and personal legal battles.

KAD Members On Air and Online

Steve Davis, professor of History at Lone Star College-Kingwood and KAD member, says "a virus of racism" is partly to blame for the discontent that led to the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. He appeared as a guest on the radio program and podcast, Politics Done Right with host Egberto Willies, a former KAD president (2011-2015).

Steve went on to talk about many topics, including the appeal of Trump, his own upbringing here in Texas, and his political views as a "New" Social Democrat.

Politics Done Right website 

New Social Democrats website

The Capitol Takeover That Wasn’t

In 1861, a pro-Southern mob wanted to block the tallying of electoral votes for Lincoln. So did some congressmen.

From the New York Times, Opinion Section, January 8, 2021

By Ted Widmer

Dr. Widmer, who worked as a speechwriter in the Clinton White House, has long been a student of the Civil War period.

In the confusion that followed [ January 6th's ] desecration of the Capitol, it was widely reported that the last time the building was stormed was in 1814. That overlooked a desperate day in 1861, nearly as lethal to democracy. On Feb. 13, a mob gathered outside the Capitol and tried to force its way in to disrupt the counting of the electoral certificates that would confirm Abraham Lincoln’s election three months earlier.

Continued in the New York Times.

A view of Lincoln’s inauguration in 1861, when a replacement dome for the Capitol was under construction.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez (right), running for re-election as Harris County Sheriff, with KAD member Ken Aucoin

Jay Stittleburg (right), candidate for State Senator, District 4, with Tony Morales of KAD.

Big Tent Event a Success

Saturday morning, Sept. 19, was a cool, sunny day, perfect for KAD's Big Tent Event. Democrats from across Kingwood and the surrounding area came to pick up candidate signs and other political swag. Adding to the morning's fun was having several candidates join us to answer questions and chat with voters.

Area Democrats were happy to take away lawn signs and other campaign materials. KAD board members Ellie Porras, Robin Pearce, and Jack Alexander helped each person find the items to match their needs. 

Kathy Cheng, candidate for Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 6

Judge Julia Maldonado (right), standing for re-election to District Court, with KAD board member Elizabeth Stern. 

Judge Veronica Rivas-Molloy (center) candidate for Justice, First Court of Appeals, with KAD members Kevin and Katrin McManis.

Left to right: Eartha Johnson, mother of Te'iva Bell, candidate for judge, Criminal District Court; Paula Miller; Clarence Miller, 2022 candidate for County Commissioner, Precinct 4; and Jeff McGowen, candidate for Harris County Constable, Precinct 4.

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